Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Dye or Not to Dye?

So, like many women with Sisterlocks I've "seen" online, I'm starting to get the color itch......that is, I am considering dyeing my Sisterlocks.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this process? I am still in the research phase, but it is obvious that there are people who agree and disagree with dyeing Sisterlocks. Some women say they will never dye their Sisterlocks again. Yet, there are others, most I encounter in person, who absolutely love their colored Sisterlocks.

Uh, what to do. Again, I am still in the research phase.


  1. I want to color my hair black but since my locks are not completely lock I don't want them to unravel. If you are considering dyeing your sisterlocks I would do it professional.

  2. So like where are the blogs for Sept to Nov?

  3. Hello my mother and I have sister locks. She has had hers for about 8 years and I will make 1year in July. My mom colors her locks at least twice a year but only at the root. I will not color my hair until I reach 1year to make sure my locks will not unravel...... I say dye your hair if you want just take care of it.